Hemant Ghayvat

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Our research approach is to design and develop reliable, efficient, flexible, economical, real-time and realistic wellness sensor networks for smart home systems. The heterogeneous sensor and actuator nodes based on wireless networking technologies are deployed into the home environment. These nodes generate real-time data related to the object usage and(More)
This paper presents the design of an analog CMOS Gilbert cell Mixer for RF Receiver front end application. Input RF frequency of the mixer is 2.4GHz and operated at 1.8V power supply. The schematic has been implemented using UMC-180nm CMOS technology and simulated on spectre-RF simulator of Cadence. The input RF and LO frequency of the proposed mixer is(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) provide noteworthy benefits over traditional approaches for several applications, including smart homes, healthcare, environmental monitoring, and homeland security. WSNs are integrated with the Internet Protocol (IP) to develop the Internet of Things (IoT) for connecting everyday life objects to the internet. Hence, major(More)
An Intel Galileo based wireless smart sensor platform targeted for monitoring, control, maintenance and automation are presented. Intel Galileo standard processing platform with XBee RF chip supports the hardware interface and communication needs of sensors, controller and actuators. Sensor monitors and collects the real world information; actuator and(More)
Evaluating the execution style of human motion can give insight into the performance and behaviour exhibited by the participant. This could enable support in developing personalised rehabilitation programmes by providing better understanding of motion mechanics and contextual behaviour. However, performing analyses, generating statistical representations(More)
The quantity of elderly people like to live in their homes, secluded, in their brilliant age is expanding exponentially. This is not a perfect path for an elderly individual to live. However, the urbanization and resultant change of the social and social conduct makes it a more regular event. Falls are a noteworthy reason for death and horribleness in more(More)
In today's scientific changes incident and rapid growth in financial, commercial, Internet-based applications, there is a huge demand for finding out the devices with low latency, power and area along with there is an growing need to allow computers to operate on both binary and decimal floating-point numbers. Accordingly, stipulation for decimal(More)
This study enlightens critical issue of ZigBee based smart home to design scalable, intelligent home environment for ambient assisted living (AAI). An intelligent monitoring system with industrial grade is significant for elder care or any individual who lives alone. Our primary focus is to improve the reliability and minimize data loss of communication due(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has become cardinal towards the implementation of smart home, and they are proved to be a permitting technology for assisted living. WSNs are deemed appropriate for placement in home environments for diverse applications. The wireless sensors and actuators offer magnificent opening on energy savings, monitoring and enhancing(More)