Hemalatha Diwakar

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The initiation of financial deregulation, globalization and hence the arrival of new techno-savvy market players with customer centric business model, posed a great challenge to the public sector banks (PSB) in India, who are in banking business for more than a century. These banks quickly realized the need for technology based banking solutions as the only(More)
Every state in India is introducing citizen centric e-governance initiatives with the objective of providing government services [1] with greater transparency (hence corrupt free), accessibility, efficiency and high level of service quality in an integrated manner. Being a densely populated country, the implementations are challenging and time consuming(More)
To achieve maximum business benefits and customer satisfaction, it is prerequisite for banks to have an instant access to the entire banks' transaction level data for decision support and adept business processes. Precisely for this reason, the banks in India have started using extensively technology based solutions. In this context, it is crucial to look(More)
The banks in India are inducting technology based banking solutions such as self- service channels and centralized banking solutions at all their branches. They are constantly on the lookout for using them to enhance their business benefits such as, right product promotion to right kind of customers, optimum utilization of self-service channels, reduced(More)