Hemal V. Shah

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The compute requirements associated with the TCP/IP protocol suite have been previously studied by a number of researchers. However, the recently developed 10-Gigabit Networks such as 10-Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand have added a new dimension of complexity to this problem, Memory Traffic. While there have been previous studies which show the implications(More)
The boundary between the network edge and the front-end servers of the data center is blurring. Appliance vendors are flooding the market with new capabilities, while switch/router vendors scramble to add these services to their traditional transport services. The result of this competition is a set of ad-hoc technologies and capabilities to provide(More)
In a distributed object system such as Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) [5, 7], legacy transport protocols used for communication limit the performance over high-speed networks. By making use of a low-latency, high-bandwidth, and low overhead user-level networking architecture such as Virtual Interface (VI) Architecture [8, 18], this performance(More)
Enediynes were first shown by Bergman to undergo thermal intramolecular cyclization to reactive aryl 1,4-diradical intermediates. 1 A variety of enediyne-containing compounds have since been pursued for their potential biological activity as antitumor drugs. 2 More recently, the Bergman cyclization was used to prepare linear polyarylenes by chemical vapor(More)
—A network port profile is an XML document that describes a set of networking attributes that can be applied to Ethernet ports and virtual Ethernet switches. This paper describes network port profile XML schema and Open Virtualization Format (OVF) standards based provisioning and deployment models for virtual networking components that address challenges(More)