Hema R. Jerajani

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BACKGROUND Men who have sex with men and transgenders are an important risk group for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They have risky sexual behaviors but low risk perception. OBJECTIVES To assess the sexual behavior, STIs, HIV and identify factors associated with HIV in men who have sex with men (MSM) and(More)
We describe the same-sex partnerships and sexual risk behavior of men attending sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinics in Mumbai, India. The HIV prevalence among 2,381 men sampled was 14%; 62% had a documented STI. Almost all men reported sex with women; additionally, 13% also reported having sex with other men, 13% reported sex with Hijras(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated whether men who were under the influence of alcohol when visiting female sex workers (FSW) were at greater risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). STUDY A cross-sectional analysis using baseline data from a randomized controlled trial of an HIV prevention intervention for high-risk(More)
Cutaneous tuberculosis forms a small proportion of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. The incidence of cutaneous tuberculosis has fallen from 2% to 0.15% in India whereas it is rare in developed countries. The present study is an attempt at finding out the Mycobacterium species associated with cutaneous tuberculosis. A total of 51 cases of clinically suspected(More)
A controlled clinical and histopathological study was carried out to compare the efficacy of a combination of rifampicin 600 mg plus ofloxacin 400 mg plus minocycline 100 mg (ROM) administered as a single dose with that of standard WHO/MDT-PB six months' regimen with regard to resolution of lesion clinically and histopathologically. Skin biopsy was(More)
We report the first well documented case of subcutaneous phaeohyphomycotic infection caused by Phialophora verrucosa in India. Examination of the biopsied tissue from an ulcerating lesion on the shin of the left leg of a 45-year-old woman from Bombay, India, showed numerous dematiaceous, septate, branching hyphal elements and thick-walled cells(More)
Chromium, a known contact sensitizer, is present at high levels in certain detergent bars (40-50 p.p.m.) sold in India. A concern was whether chromium present in such detergent bars could sensitize users or their use lead to the elicitation of allergic contact dermatitis. Chromium present in detergent bars was analyzed for its valence state. It was found to(More)
The clinical efficacy and safety of once daily topical administration of 1% oxiconazole cream and lotion was assessed in an open label, non comparative trial in tinea cruris, tinea corporis and tinea pedis patients. In treated patients, severity scores of erythema, pruritus, scaling, vesicles, papules and burning showed a progressive fall over a period of 4(More)