Hema J Thakar

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BACKGROUND In expander-based breast reconstruction, providing adequate tissue coverage of the prosthesis is necessary to prevent complications. The authors have previously described the use of the serratus anterior fascia for this purpose-but when this fascia is unavailable or inadequate, the subpectoral fascia can be used. This study describes the anatomy(More)
BACKGROUND Postmastectomy partial submuscular tissue expander placement can prevent the upper pole fullness commonly seen with complete submuscular prosthesis placement. The resultant inferior and lateral margins require coverage to prevent prosthesis exposure. The fascial layer overlying the serratus anterior muscle can be used as an alternative to(More)
Awareness of large-scale disasters among members of the medical community and the public at large has been heightened by recent events such as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing incident, the 2001 World Trade Center attack, and the 2005 London Underground bombings. Experience with these events has highlighted the critical role of surgical specialists, including(More)
BACKGROUND Musculofascial and vascular entrapments of peripheral branches of the trigeminal nerve have been thought to be trigger points for migraine headaches. Surgical decompression of these sites has led to complete resolution in some patients. The zygomaticotemporal branch of the trigeminal nerve has been shown clinically to have sites of entrapment(More)
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