Hema Bhandari

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Kawasaki disease is a syndrome of unknown etiology affecting children below 5 years of age and is a leading cause of acquired heart disease in many developed countries. Incidence of this disease in India is extremely low as evidenced by the meagre case reports. Complications due to this disease in Indian patients are still rarer. Here we report two cases of(More)
We studied the relationships of selected microbes and the role of consorts in the causation of vaginal discharge which may be due to cervicitis or vaginitis. A total of 93 consecutive patients in the reproductive age group with symptoms of vaginal discharge along with their sexual partners were studied. Samples were collected from the cervix and posterior(More)
The present study comprised 50 patients of chronic cervicitis attending gynaecological clinic of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh. The aim of the study was to isolate some of the common sexually transmitted disease (STD) pathogens in chronic cervicitis. Cervical swabs were taken from the patients. The swabs were(More)
Intrinsically conducting polymers (ICPs) have been considered for use in various applica‐ tions. One of the most important applications of these materials which are attracting consid‐ erable attention in the most recent times is in corrosion protection of oxidizable metals [1]. The effective use of conducting polymers for corrosion protection of metals can(More)
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