Hem Jyotsana Parashar

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Data Mining is very popular in today's era because it provides access to the information that is hidden from a normal human being eye. The hidden information that is made available through data mining can benefit the person involved by providing an efficient decision support. Today data mining can be applied to various areas such as marketing, banking,(More)
Standardized Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) data have a complex structure. They are based on dual model approach where domain knowledge is saved as an archetype [1, 2]. It is technically very difficult to generate query language for medical expert to retrieve the data. It gives rise to issue of retrieval and usability of electronic healthcare records(More)
— Decision tree is an important method for both induction research and data mining, which is mainly used for model classification and prediction. ID3 algorithm is the most widely used algorithm in the decision tree so far. In this paper, the shortcoming of ID3's inclining to choose attributes with many values is discussed, and then a new decision tree(More)
—The biggest challenge in the field of image processing is to recognize documents both in printed and handwritten format. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a type of document image analysis where scanned digital image that contains either machine printed or handwritten script input into an OCR software engine and translating it into an editable machine(More)
Character recognition is an important problem in Pattern Classification. It is difficult to recognize the character in images or pdf or scanned text or handwritten characters scan. There are various ways to recognize text which comprises of Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Soft computing and fuzzy logic. In this paper, we compare the various ways already(More)
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