Helton Maia Peixoto

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The vision has many sensors responsible for capturing information that is sent to the brain. The gaze reflects its attention, intention and interest of the brain towards the outside world. Therefore, the detection of the gaze direction is a promising alternative for the simulation programs, virtual reality applications and human-machine special(More)
Optogenetics allows light activation of genetically defined cell populations and the study of their link to specific brain functions. While it is a powerful method that has revolutionized neuroscience in the last decade, the shortcomings of directly stimulating electrodes and living tissue with light have been poorly characterized. Here, we assessed the(More)
This paper presents a modeling of a system designed to monitor a moving object from images captured by a camera. The research was focused on defining the steps necessary to the functioning of systems, they are: capture and image processing, pattern recognition with artificial neural networks and seek the best path for moving the camera, using reinforcement(More)
This chapter proposal describes some artificial neural network (ANN) neuromodeling techniques used in association with powerful optimization tools, such as natural optimization algorithms and wavelet transforms, which can be used in a variety of applications in Engineering, for example, Electromagnetism (Cruz, 2009), Signal Processing (Peixoto et al.,(More)
A visão possui muitos sensores responsáveis pela captação de informações que são enviadas ao cérebro. O olhar reflete a sua atenção, intenção e interesse. Sendo assim, a detecção da direção do olhar é uma alternativa promissora para a comunicação com a máquina. A aplicação de técnicas para detecção da direção do olhar tem a possibilidade de melhorar(More)
BACKGROUND Visualisation of neurons labeled with fluorescent proteins or compounds generally require exposure to intense light for a relatively long period of time, often leading to bleaching of the fluorescent probe and photodamage of the tissue. Here we created a technique to drastically shorten light exposure and improve the targeting of fluorescent(More)
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