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Bayesian network is a powerful tool to represent and deal with uncertain knowledge. There exists much uncertainty in crop or animal disease. The construction of Bayesian network need much data and knowledge. But when data is scarce, some methods should be adopted to construct an effective Bayesian network. This paper introduces a disease diagnosis model(More)
:Semantic not consistency, and knowledge base is difficult to reuse and sharing are the key problems affecting the system development and application. This paper studies how to express the soil fertility level information using of the ontology and generate OWL (Ontology Web Language) document, and how to make use of SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language) to(More)
In this paper,according to the characteristics of maize disease knowledge,OWL DL language was used to build maize diseases ontology, and the reasoning rule of maize diseases was defined by using the expressive ability of SWRL rule language.The author introduced several realizable reasoning functions,and achieved the diagnostic reasoning of maize disease(More)
With in the process of implementation of precision agriculture, massive was accumulated because of using the computer, network, "3S" technology. The spatial data is spatial, timeliness, content, multidimensionality, complexity and uncertainty, etc. With the development of precision agriculture in our province of, agricultural technology researchers and(More)
Bayesian network is a strong tool for uncertain knowledge representation and inference. This paper mainly introduces some technologies and methods about Bayesian network based on intelligent system. * In the construction of Bayesian network, divorcing technology and noisy-or technology are used. In the inference of Bayesian network, VE algorithm and(More)