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The relationships between soils attributes, soil carbon stocks and vegetation carbon stocks are poorly know in Amazonia, even at regional scale. In this paper, we used the large and reliable soil database from Western Amazonia obtained from the RADAMBRASIL project and recent estimates of vegetation biomass to investigate some environmental relationships,(More)
This study analysed vertical and temporal variations of cyanobacteria in a potable water supply in northeastern Brazil. Samples were collected from four reservoir depths in the four months; September and December 2007; and March and June 2008. The water samples for the determination of nutrients and cyanobacteria were collected using a horizontal van Dorn(More)
BPM 37093 is the only hydrogen-atmosphere white dwarf currently known which has sufficient mass (∼1.1 M ⊙) to theoretically crystallize while still inside the ZZ Ceti instability strip (T eff ∼12,000 K). As a consequence, this star represents our first opportunity to test crystallization theory directly. If the core is substantially crystallized, then the(More)
Background The alcohol industry is an excellent representation of the development process in Brazil, it considers the sugar cane as one of the biggest monocultures. As a result of this high production, there is the vinasse, a residue from the alcohol production after the pulp fermentation and distillation of the wine (Pulp after fermentation), ensuing from(More)
The efficiencies of a natural Typha spp wetland (Wn) formed on a river bed and its effluent treatment in a constructed wetland (Wc, subsurface horizontal flow) were investigated in northeastern Brazil (Paraiba State). The Wc system (12 tanks with stone gravel, 4.13 m2, 0.22 m3, 20 Typha spp rhizomes, m(-2) each, with 38, 29, and 19 mm x d(-1) hydraulic(More)
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