Heloisa Sobreiro Selistre de Araújo

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The environmental changes resulting from the construction of hydroelectric dams may affect the fauna of insect vectors and consequently the epidemiology of the diseases they transmit. This work examined the mosquito and sand fly fauna in the area of the Aimorés hydroelectric power plant, analyzing the seasonal distribution and the degree of species(More)
This work demonstrates that deltamethrin in low doses produces an excito-repellency effect on triatomines, as already observed for mosquitoes. A wooden box covered with a cloth impregnated with deltamethrin at doses of 2.5 and 5mg ai/m2 was utilized for the experiment. The triatomine species studied were Triatoma infestans, Panstrongylus megistus, Rhodnius(More)
This study was aimed at investigating the purification, biological activity, and some structural properties of three serine protease inhibitors isoforms, denoted ApTIA, ApTIB, and ApTIC from Acacia plumosa Lowe seeds. They were purified from the saline extract of the seeds, using Superdex-75 gel filtration and Mono-S ion exchange chromatography. They were(More)
Decreased levels of estrogen are associated with hepatic steatosis (HS), through changes in gene expression of molecules related to fat oxidation and lipogenesis. Both resistance training (RT) and endurance training (ET) prevent HS in ovariectomized (Ovx) rats. However, the molecular events associated with this process were only investigated for ET, but not(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the effects of resistance training on ladders (RTL) on MMP(-2) expression and blood lactate concentration [La-]. 30 male (3 months of age), albino rats were divided into 3 groups: sedentary control (SC, n=10), low resistance exercise training (Low-IntRT, n=10) and high-intensive exercise training (High-IntRT, n=10).(More)
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