Heloisa Juliana Zabeu Rossi Costa

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CONCLUSION The compound gelatin-resorcin-formaldehyde (GRF) was a better stabilizing material for cartilage grafts in rabbits than butyl-2-cyanoacrylate. GRF was also better than the suture when(More)
UNLABELLED Cartilage grafting is an interesting option for rhinoplasties refinements. AIM To compare butyl-2-cyanoacrylate, compound gelatin-resorcin-formaldehyde (GRF) and suture control to(More)
PURPOSE To compare sciatic nerve regeneration in rats using three different techniques of repair. METHODS Fifteen isogonics rats were divided into three groups according to the method used to(More)
OBJECTIVES Our objective was to develop an experimental model for the noninvasive and objective evaluation of facial nerve regeneration in rats using a motor nerve conduction test (electromyography).(More)
Introduction The ideal animal model for nerve regeneration studies is the object of controversy, because all models described by the literature have advantages and disadvantages. Objective To(More)