Heloísa V. da Rocha

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1. ABSTRACT The Active Learning Model (ALM) is an educational model which proposes that students should participate, along with the teacher, as direct agents of their own learning process. Computer systems created to implement and support the ALM through activities are known as Classroom Response Systems (CRS). The CRS, usually supported by traditional(More)
This paper presents the process of developing a new design to the chat tool of TelEduc environment in order to support collaborative activities in distance courses. This process arouse from the analysis of the tasks that will be carried out by the users from the point of view of the language action. Besides that, coordination mechanisms were added to the(More)
This work presents an analysis on different computational environments adopted to support the cooperative work carried in the distance in the TIDIA-Ae project. Researchers from vary institutions with different academic formations and different levels of knowledge in computer science participate of this project. Therefore the analysis of the tasks carried(More)
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