Helmuth Radrich

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The development of a practical mobile robot system for mechanization of humanitarian demining tasks such as sensing/verification and/or clearance of anti-personnel landmines is close to be completed. The system proposed by Hirose group at Tokyo Tech is a simple but effective solution that consists of a pantographic weight-balanced manipulator mounted on top(More)
In many future joint-action scenarios, humans and robots will have to interact physically in order to cooperate successfully. Ideally, human-robot interaction should not require training on the human side, but should be intuitive and simple. Previously, we reported on a simple case of physical human-robot interaction, a hand-over task [1]. Even such a basic(More)
In this work, we present a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) based workflow analysis of an assembly task jointly performed by a human and an assistive robotic system. In an experiment subjects had to assemble a tower by combining six cubes with several bolts for their own without the influence of a robot or any other technical device. To estimate the current action(More)
Collecting data under regular conditions inside an operating room is a complicated and time-comsuming venture. Tight safety regulations have to be accounted for, like e.g. sterility, biocompatibility of materials, interference with regular workflow, and more. For recording high quality data, the different data-streams have to be precisely synchronized. The(More)
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