Helmut Zahn

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The medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) acts as a soft tissue restraint to lateral subluxation of the patella, and is frequently damaged following patellar dislocation. A number of techniques for repair or reconstructions of the MPFL have been reported. We report two cases of patellar fracture following MPFL reconstruction utilizing suture anchors and(More)
A fifty-nine year old gentleman underwent a right total hip replacement in another hospital for protrusio osteoarthritis of the right hip. Post-operatively he developed a large right-sided ilio-femoral deep venous thrombosis. A pelvic radiograph showed that the acetabular construct had migrated medially into the pelvis with a CT scan showing compression of(More)
Fig. 2 zeigt die mit der Ionisa t ionsmethode aufgenommene Reflexionskurve des dtinnen Niekelspiegels. Bei kleinen Winkeln ist das Reflexionsverm6gen sehr groB, ngmlich 97°0. Der mit zehnfach fiberh6hter Ordinate eingezeichnete Schwanz der l (urve ist mit wesentlich gr6Berer Empfindl ichkei t der Elektrome te ranordnung gemesaen. Die beiden Reflexionsmax(More)
Benzoes~iureAce ton i t r i l Ine thy les te r Benzoes~urePropioni t r i l Ine thyles te r 3, 4, 5-TrimethAce ton i t r i l oxybenzo es~iure/ithylester Isobut tersf iureAce ton i t r i l me thy l e s t e r Isobutters~iurePropioni t r i l me thy le s t e r Essigs&ure~ithylAce ton i t r i l es ter Essigs~mrefithylPropioni t r i l es te r Hydroziints&ureAce(More)
When insulin is reacted with bis-thiol-B-chain (prepared from beef insulin) in a molar ratio 1∶1 at pH 9.5 in the presence or absence of air, oligomeric and polymeric chains, linked by disulfide bonds, are formed. Equimolar amounts of insulin-A-chain in its tetrathiol form when brought into reaction with insulin at pH 9.3 in the presence of air also cause a(More)
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Proteins play a prominent role in nature and their biosynthesis occurs via stepwise combination of amino acids. One can imitate this method in laboratory or synthesize the polypeptide chain by combining smaller preformed fragments (fragment condensation). Reversible protection of reactive groups and solubility problems arising are the most important(More)
zweiwertige Sehwermetalle, wie Mangan and vor allem Kobalt, sehr stark gesteigert wird. Im bisher gfinstigsten Falle erhShte Kobalt die Wirksamkeit der GG.-spaltenden Peptidase fund um das 2ooofaehe. Aktiviert wird schon das im Lebedewsaft vorIiegende Enzym, weit st~irker aber noeh das in reineren Pr/iparaten. In Anwesenheit yon Kobalt wird GG. viel raseher(More)