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The medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) acts as a soft tissue restraint to lateral subluxation of the patella, and is frequently damaged following patellar dislocation. A number of techniques for repair or reconstructions of the MPFL have been reported. We report two cases of patellar fracture following MPFL reconstruction utilizing suture anchors and(More)
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derselben Zucht das Ferment isoliert und kristalli,siert, das im arbeitenden Muskel Brenztraubensfiure nach obiger Gleiehung zu Milchs~iure reduziert. So haben wit nunmehr zwei reine Rattenfermente gleicher chemiseher Wirkung, aber versehiedenen histologisehen Ursprungs und versehiedener physiologiseher Funktion in H/inden: das Tumorferment, das dem(More)
Post-traumatic cystic lesion is usually found adjacent to a healing torus fracture. It is typically asymptomatic and appears just proximal to the fracture line within the area of subperiosteal new bone formation. We report one such cyst in a 7 year old boy, with a brief review of literature to highlight the occurrence of such benign self limiting cystic(More)
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Hemi-condylar tibial osteotomy was first reported as a corrective surgical option for neglected Blount's disease by Langenskiold in 1964. The indication for this procedure is largely reserved for the rare cases of excessive ligament laxity. To the best of our knowledge, literature search reveals only 6 cases, all of which were of Blount's disease and there(More)
Die e i n g e k l a m m e r t e n Zif fern b e d e u t e n die a n g e n o m m e n e Zah l f reier E l e k t r o n e n pro A t o m , die tei lweise d u t c h Messungen yon RvPP wahrsche in l i eh g e m a e h t s ind. M a n e r r eehne t mit 6' = 1,3 • IO 4 fiir Ag, Cu, A u m i t 2 E lek t rone l i p r o A t o m die S p r u n g t e m p e r a t u r e n 57,(More)
A fifty-nine year old gentleman underwent a right total hip replacement in another hospital for protrusio osteoarthritis of the right hip. Post-operatively he developed a large right-sided ilio-femoral deep venous thrombosis. A pelvic radiograph showed that the acetabular construct had migrated medially into the pelvis with a CT scan showing compression of(More)
The existence of holes in the endocuticle, in the inter-macrofibrilar matrix and in the cell membrane complex of hair fibers is described. In this paper, we show that these holes are absent in the hair follicle. However, cell remnants found in young hair inside the follicle are located in the same regions and are of the same dimensions as the holes observed(More)