Helmut Zacharias

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The temporal coherence properties of soft x-ray free electron laser pulses at FLASH are measured at 23.9 nm by interfering two time-delayed partial beams directly on a CCD camera. The partial beams are obtained by wave front beam splitting in an autocorrelator operating at photon energies from h nu = 30 to 200 eV. At zero delay a visibility of (0.63+/-(More)
In electron-transfer processes, spin effects normally are seen either in magnetic materials or in systems containing heavy atoms that facilitate spin-orbit coupling. We report spin-selective transmission of electrons through self-assembled monolayers of double-stranded DNA on gold. By directly measuring the spin of the transmitted electrons with a Mott(More)
We report on a bottom-up approach of the selective and precise growth of subnanometer wide straight and chevron-type armchair nanoribbons (GNRs) on a stepped Au(788) surface using different specific molecular precursors. This process creates spatially well-aligned GNRs, as characterized by STM. High-resolution direct and inverse photoemission spectroscopy(More)
Spin-dependent photoelectron transmission and spin-dependent electrochemical studies were conducted on purple membrane containing bacteriorhodopsin (bR) deposited on gold, aluminum/aluminum-oxide, and nickel substrates. The result indicates spin selectivity in electron transmission through the membrane. Although the chiral bR occupies only about 10% of the(More)
We present new experimental and theoretical results for reactive scattering of dihydrogen from Cu(100). In the new experiments, the associative desorption of H(2) is studied in a velocity resolved and final rovibrational state selected manner, using time-of-flight techniques in combination with resonance-enhanced multi-photon ionization laser detection.(More)
Femtosecond laser excitation and density functional theory reveal site and vibrational state specificity in neutral atomic hydrogen desorption from graphite induced by multiple electronic transitions. Multimodal velocity distributions witness the participation of ortho and para pair states of chemisorbed hydrogen in the desorption process. Very slow(More)
The three intermetallic compounds SrAuGa, BaAuAl and BaAuGa were synthesised from the elements in niobium ampoules. The Sr compound crystallises in the orthorhombic KHg2 -type structure (Imma, a=465.6(1), b=771.8(2), c=792.6(2) pm, wR2 =0.0740, 324 F2 values, 13 variables), whereas the Ba compounds were both found to crystallise in the cubic(More)
Na2Au3Al, the first experimentally prepared compound in the ternary Na-Au-Al system, crystallizes in the cubic crystal system with space group P4132 (a = 771.42(2) pm). It can be described as a P-centered ternary ordered variant of the F-centered Laves phase MgCu2 and is isostructural to Mo3Al2C. A phase width was found for the series Na2Au4-xAlx allowing a(More)
The successful covalent functionalization of quartz and n-type 6H-SiC with organosilanes and benzo[ghi]perylene-1,2-dicarboxylic dye is demonstrated. In particular, wet-chemically processed self-assembled layers of aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) and benzo[ghi]perylene-1,2-dicarboxylic anhydride are investigated. The structural and chemical properties of(More)
The charge rearrangement in dissociating I_{2}^{n+} molecules is measured as a function of the internuclear distance R using extreme ultraviolet pulses delivered by the free-electron laser in Hamburg. Within an extreme ultraviolet pump-probe scheme, the first pulse initiates dissociation by multiply ionizing I_{2}, and the delayed probe pulse further(More)