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  • H I Weiser
  • 1979
The semimembranosus insertion syndrome causes pain at the medial aspect of the knee. This pain is aggravated by exercise, walking downstairs and sharp bending of the knee. The patient experiences tender, moderately puffy swelling at the lowest part of the medial hamstrings muscles and painful passive rotation of the knee, while finger pressure over the(More)
The present paper introduces a patient-friendly embedded electrographic (ECG) amplifier. In contrast to the standard ECG amplifier, the presented system uses only two electrodes to insure unobtrusiveness and compact design. The abandoned third reference electrode and required low power consumption introduce problems in ECG signal preamplification and(More)
  • H I Weiser
  • 1976
Seven patients had functional paralysis that occurred in the dominant limb together with joint contracture and sensory disturbances associated with emotional problems. In five of these patients, the syndrome was preceded by trauma to the affected upper limb and in one patient by a myocardial infarction. The treatment consisted of persuasion, suggestion,(More)