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Sweeping is an important algorithmic tool in geometry. In the rst part of this paper we deene sweeps of arrangements and use thèSweeping Lemma' to show that Euclidean arrangements of pseudolines can be represented by wiring diagrams and zonotopal tilings. In the second part we introduce a new representation for Euclidean arrangements of pseudolines. This(More)
We show that inclusion order and single-step inclusion coincide for higher 1 Preliminaries Higher Bruhat orders were introduced by Manin and Schechtman 5] as generalizations of the weak Bruhat order on the symmetric group S n. Further investigations of the subject are Voevodskij and Kapranov 6], Ziegler 7], Edelman and Reiner 1, 2] and Felsner and Weil 3].(More)
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