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Protein A from Staphylococcus aureus, characterized by high affinity binding properties for IgG-type antibodies, was labeled with peroxidase to form a stable immuno-histological tracer molecule of comparatively low molecular weight. It has been used for demonstration of antibodies against tissue antigens, in direct and indirect techniques, and the findings(More)
Sweeping is an important algorithmic tool in geometry. In the rst part of this paper we deene sweeps of arrangements and use thèSweeping Lemma' to show that Euclidean arrangements of pseudolines can be represented by wiring diagrams and zonotopal tilings. In the second part we introduce a new representation for Euclidean arrangements of pseudolines. This(More)
Pep5 is a tricyclic peptide antibiotic which contains the unusual amino acids dehydrobutyrine, lanthionine and 3-methyllanthionine. It is matured from a 60-amino-acid precursor peptide (pre-Pep5) deduced from the sequence of the structural gene pepA. To study the biosynthesis of Pep5 we tried to isolate the primary translation product. We identified a(More)
We show that inclusion order and single-step inclusion coincide for higher 1 Preliminaries Higher Bruhat orders were introduced by Manin and Schechtman 5] as generalizations of the weak Bruhat order on the symmetric group S n. Further investigations of the subject are Voevodskij and Kapranov 6], Ziegler 7], Edelman and Reiner 1, 2] and Felsner and Weil 3].(More)
Ceftazidime serum concentrations and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) penetration across non-inflamed meninges were evaluated in 10 patients after intravenous application of 2 g ceftazidime over a period of 30 min. After a continuous increase during infusion the highest level of ceftazidime in serum with 172.27 micrograms/ml (+/- 60.43 micrograms/ml) was(More)
A lectin which agglutinates Zajdela hepatoma cells; rat red cells and lymphocytes, but no normal rat liver cells, was detected in the mucus, yielded by simple saline extraction, of the two snail species Arion empiricorum (Fér.) and Arion lusitanicus (MAB). The agglutination spectrum involves also human erythrocytes and red cells of several animal species.
A receptor for Helix pomatia lectin (HPL) occurs on 71.5% of peripheral blood lymphocytes. With double incubation techniques we could show that the population of HPL-positive lymphocytes is by far (greater than 90%) identical with the population of T lymphocytes, as determined by "classical" markers (E rosetting) and newly developed T cell markers like OKT3(More)
Severe yeast infections of intensive care patients are promoted by numerous predisposing factors among which antibacterial broad spectrum therapy plays an important role. Since typical clinical pictures are lacking, basic procedures of mycological diagnostics are culture and differentiation of yeast strains and detection of immunological reactions against(More)
Sera of persons without known actinomycotic infection (n = 153) were tested for antibodies reacting with antigenic preparations of different Actinomyces spp. and Nocardia spp. By using an enzyme immunoassay, 16% of all of the sera analyzed reacted significantly with antigens of A. viscosus and 2% those of with A. naeslundii. The antigens detected by these(More)
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