Helmut Waldmann

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The aim of the study was to examine the 48 month outcome of treating recent-onset type 1 diabetic patients for 6 days with humanised CD3-antibody, ChAglyCD3. Eighty patients, aged 12–39 years, were recruited for a phase 2 multicentre trial and randomised to placebo (n = 40) or ChAglyCD3 (n = 40) treatment by a third party member; participants and(More)
Cavity-type beam position monitors were developed to measure the beam alignment at the undulator section of DESY’s TESLA Test Facility (TTF). This paper describes some theoretical aspects and the experimental setup. The results of some in-beam measurements at the TTF are presented and pros and cons of the monitor concept are discussed.
During the last three years 47 cases of psychotic episodes, after a confirmed drug free interval (flashback), were observed in a group of 87 persons with frequent drug use. Excessive use of THC for one to three years preceded the onset of flashback phenomena in all cases. In 4 cases THC was the only drug used. Besides the use of THC, frequent experience(More)
Using the neutrino telescope AMANDA-II, we have conducted two analyses searching for neutrino-induced cascades from gamma-ray bursts. No evidence of astrophysical neutrinos was found, and limits are presented for several models. We also present neutrino effective areas which allow the calculation of limits for any neutrino production model. The first(More)
Diese Arbeit fokussiert sich auf die nicht-medikamentösen ambulanten Therapiemaßnahmen und erläutert eine Stadieneinteilung der Drogenabhängigkeit. Sie ist somit komplementär zu anderen Arbeiten dieses Hefts. Anschaulich und plausibel werden die Bindungen zwischen dem Ich des Drogenabhängigen und seiner Interessenssphäre dargestellt, die auf Suchtstoff(e),(More)
On 27 December 2004, a giant gamma flare from the Soft Gamma-Ray Repeater 1806-20 saturated many satellite gamma-ray detectors, being the brightest transient event ever observed in the Galaxy. AMANDA-II was used to search for down-going muons indicative of high-energy gammas and/or neutrinos from this object. The data revealed no significant signal, so(More)