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The systemic character of the rheumatoid arthritis and the collagenoses includes an extraarticular organ manifestation. Since the symptomatology of an organ participation is often covered over with dominating joint troubles its diagnostics is difficult. In 34 patients (22 with rheumatoid arthritis, 12 with collagenoses) with the help of non-invasive methods(More)
Out of 198 patients with aortic coarctation who were operated on with the implantation of an orthotopic bypass vascular prosthesis, 7 developed severe late complications 9-20 years postoperatively with late anastomosis dehiscence which resulted either in acute rupture and sudden death from massive hemorrhage (2 patients) or in false aneurysms with or(More)
Variations in the area and dimensions of the liver and spleen in the craniocaudal direction show a similar behaviour despite individual differences in the size and shape of the organs. The liver has its largest areal extent in the upper half of the organ. In the case of the spleen, it is not possible for the largest areal extent to be assigned to a(More)
In the present study 162 patients with clinically suspected diseases of the major salivary glands were examined via sonography (n = 162), sialography (n = 111) and CT-sialography (n = 49). The reliability of the three radiological procedures was assessed in diagnosing sialoadenitis, sialolithiasis and glandular and extraglandular tumors. Forty-seven(More)
Our purpose was to evaluate the diagnostic value of three-dimensional (3 D) CT surface reconstruction in spinal fractures in comparison with axial and reformatted images. A total of 50 patients with different CT-proven spinal fractures were analysed retrospectively. Based on axial scans and reformatted images, the spinal fractures were classified according(More)
Bony variations in the anterior ethmoids may, if severe, play an important role in the development of chronic sinusitis and present the surgeon with added risks during operation. We have, therefore, analysed 390 preoperative CT examinations of the sinuses performed in the coronary plane with respect to the frequency of bone variations. Concha bullosa,(More)
Completing former examinations the paper deals with the influence of different methods of gastric operation on abdominal vascularization. Typical alterations found by selective coeliac and mesenteric angiography are demonstrated. They include deficiency of arteries, changes in calibre and in the course of the great vessels, alteration of the vascularization(More)
AIM To evaluate the diagnostic value of ultrafast CT in comparison to established methods in cardiology. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cine and flow studies were performed in 30 patients with cardiac diseases on evolution CT. Cardiac structure and function were analysed visually and quantitatively (left ventricular ejection fraction, left ventricular myocardial(More)