Helmut Reiff

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Detachment from biofilms was evaluated using a mixed culture biofilm grown on primary wastewater in a tube reactor. The growth of biofilms and the detachment of biomass from biofilms are strongly influenced by hydrodynamic conditions. In a long-term study, three biofilms were cultivated in a biofilm tube reactor. The conducted experiments of biofilm growth(More)
The author addresses the critique of the psychoanalytic concept of repression developed by Grunbaum in regard to Freud's interpretation of forgetting in the "aliquis episode". Reiff counters by pointing out the indispensability of a hermeneutic approach to the transference-countertransference process and supports his contention with case illustrations and(More)
Heart and cardiac veins of human fetuses (85-190 mm C.R. length) were dissected in situ by dorsal or ventral access. The atrial wall was partially removed. Muscle tissue and blood vessels were studied histologically. The pattern of the blood vessels (except the pulmonary veins) and their opening into the heart is presented synoptically. The following terms(More)
Report on the development of a temporary, topic-centered group with the parents of schizophrenic patients. Information on mental diseases was combined with group discussions and practised procedures (role playing, exercises in communication). The different elements of the group events are discussed (individuals, group, topic, leader-parents-relationship).(More)
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