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Non-local correlations between spatially separated systems have been extensively discussed in the context of the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen (EPR) paradox and Bell's inequalities. Many proposals and experiments designed to test hidden variable theories and the violation of Bell's inequalities have been reported; usually, these involve correlated photons,(More)
OBJECTIVES Pilot study to compare the effect of inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) and aerosolized iloprost in preventing perioperative pulmonary hypertensive crises (PHTCs). BACKGROUND Guidelines recommend the use of iNO to treat PHTCs, but treatment with iNO is not an ideal vasodilator. Aerosolized iloprost may be a possible alternative to iNO in this setting.(More)
Toxic milk, tx, a new autosomal recessive mutation in mice is described. Litters produced by mutant females display a syndrome including poor growth, hypopigmentation, tremors, and ultimately death at two weeks of age. These features, consistent with copper deficiency, are attributed to failure in gestational hepatic copper accumulation exacerbated by(More)
We report here the results of EAE induction in 1758 mice from 9 inbred strains, 5 H-2 congenic strains, and 6 F1 hybrids. EAE responsiveness is under the primary control of genes outside the H-2 complex. The F1 data do not show a unifactorial inheritance of EAE responsiveness. The F1 data do imply a maternal factor, sex hormone, or sex-linked gene(s) that(More)
Pregnant mice were given 50 mg/kg cocaine HCl (1% solution, sc) once daily from gestation days 7 through 18 (sperm positive = day 0; term = day 19). Pair-fed and untreated control groups were also used. The pregnant cocaine-treated females showed normal weight gain and food consumption but had significantly increased water consumption. The cocaine-treated(More)
The accumulation of excessive amounts of copper in the livers of toxic milk mice results in gross morphologic, histologic, and ultrastructural changes that are progressive with age even though the concentrations of copper tend to decrease in mice older than 6 months. Striking differences in morphologic integrity between regenerative nodules and the(More)