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Powerful servers for computation and storage, high-speed networking resources, and high-performance 3D graphics workstation, which are typically available in scientific research environments, potentially allow the development and productive application of advanced distributed high-quality multimedia concepts. Several bottlenecks, often caused by inefficient(More)
The paper describes the development of a high-performance system for visualizing complex scientific models in real-time. The architecure of the system is a client/server model, in which the simulator generates lists of 3D graphics objects in parallel to the simulation, from where they are sent to a streaming server. The server transfers the 3D objects to(More)
In this paper we describe a distributed system approach for three-dimensional exploration in the context of high-performance com¿puting, which supports postprocessing, online-visualization and in¿teractive steering scenarios. Our processing chain consists of three instances (data source, streaming server, viewer), which can be dis¿tributed in(More)
Currently available massively parallel supercomputers provide sufficient performance to simulate multi-dimensional, multi-variable problems in high resolution. However, the visualization of the large amounts of result data cannot be handled by traditional methods, where postprocessing modules are usually coupled to the raw data source – either by files or(More)
This paper describes the concept for an electronic magazine (EZine) based on the World Wide Web. The project aims at creating an electronic magazine as the online version of an already existing printed scientific magazine, which will primarily supply the content. The articles in this EZine contain various types of media, including text, images, audio, video(More)
Die Medizin erweitert stetig die Zahl und auch die Inhalte der Begriffe, mit denen sie die Gesundheitsstörungen, Behandlungen und Ergebnisse der Therapie beschreibt. Aus den wachsenden „Daten“ wird von Ärzten und Helfern ein individueller Anteil während des Umgangs mit dem Patienten für seine Erkrankung benutzt, ergänzt und verfeinert bis zu einer(More)