Helmut Nöschel

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BACKGROUND Surgery of malignant tumors has long been suspected to be the reason for enhancement of growth of metastases with fatal outcome. This often prevented surgeons from touching the tumor if not absolutely necessary. We have shown in lung cancer patients that surgery, itself, leads to mobilization of tumor cells into peripheral blood. Some of the(More)
Pharmacokinetic parameters may be influenced by pregnancy and labour. A number of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics were studied by the authors who found reduction of fictitious initial concentration as well as increase of both volume of distribution and total clearance. Elimination half-life was found to be prolonged with significance only in women in(More)
We report two cases of trachelectomy with laparoscopic paraaortic and pelvic lymphadenectomy in young women with early cervical cancer. Surgery took 225 and 275 minutes, respectively. A total of 49 and 27 lymph nodes were resected. Both patients were discharged on postoperative day 5. Preservation of fertility in such young women with early disease seems(More)
In laparoscopy-assisted radical vaginal hysterectomy, laparoscopy is used to develop the paravesical and pararectal spaces. The cardinal ligament is isolated and cut after bipolar coagulation to the level of the deep uterine vein. By the vaginal approach, the ureters are identified before their entry into the bladder pillar. The uterine vessels are pulled(More)
We report on the laparoscopic repair of an ureteral injury during radical vaginal hysterectomy according to Schauta-Stoeckel combined with laparoscopic paraaortic and pelvic lymphadenectomy. A 0.5 cm long oval incision of the left ureter 4 cm from the bladder was noticed during laparoscopic inspection at the final stage of the operation. The injury was(More)
Primary therapy of advanced ovarian cancer is standardized, the therapy in relapsed ovarian cancer however is still controversial. In a prospective study the benefit of secondary surgery and/or second-line chemotherapy were evaluated. 139 patients with relapsed ovarian cancer were stratified according to a treatment plan: patients with early relapse(More)
After giving 5 g Ampicillin intravenously to a total of 33 women (gravidae during the VIII. month pregnancy, women in labor and health controll persons) the serum levels of the mothers were analysed according to the pharmacokinetic parameter half-life of elimination.--Our results show that only the delivery cause significant differences of the kinetic of(More)
Studies were conducted into the effects of 20 medicaments on contraction of fetoplacental vessels in human placenta with bilateral in vitro perfusion. The presence of alpha receptors in the foetal vessels was concluded from the latter's response to alpha mimetics and alpha blockers, whereas beta receptors and muscarinergic receptors were not recordable from(More)
The efficiency of cis Platin (DDP) alone and in combination with Adriamycine (ADM) and Cyclophosphamid (CTX) were evaluated in a prospective randomized trial containing 173 pat. suffering from advanced ovarian cancer (FIGO III/IV). Therapeutic schedule and results: (table; see text) The most side effects concerned vomiting (WHO Grad 2) in 90%, nausea (WHO(More)