Helmut Metzner

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Four different mutant strains of Chlorella pyrenoidosa were studied under conditions giving rise to synchronized mass cultures. The mutants contained either both chlorophyll a and b, only chlorophyll a or only traces of green pigments. Optimal synchronization was found to occur under a light-dark-regiment of 10:14 hours. It was impossible to achieve a(More)
M.M.: J. Lipid Res. 2, 25 (1961). 5) GRANZER, E., G. FUHRI~IANN U. G. RUHENSTROTIt-BAUER: Hoppe-Seyler's Z. physiol. Chem. 337, 52 (1964) . ~) KLENK, E., U. W. GIELEN: Hoppe-Seyler's Z. physiol. Chem. 330, 218 (1963). KUHN, R., u, W. WIEGANDT: Z. Naturforseh. 19b, 256 (1964). ~) LOWDEX, J.-A., u. L.S. WOLFE: Can. J. Biochem. 42, t587 ( 1 9 6 4 ) .(More)
,,Die Natttr hat sieh die Aufgabe gestellt, das der Erde zustr6mende Lieht im Fluge zu hasehen und die bewegIiehste aller Krfifte, in starre Form umgewandelt, aufzuspeichern. Zur Erreichung dieses Zweekes hat sie die Erdkruste mit Organismen fiberzogen, welehe lebend das Sonnenlieht in sieh aufnehmen und unter Verwendung dieser Kraft eine fortlaufende Summe(More)
Bel ich te tes Chlorophyl l g ib t a u c h in vivo e inen T e l l der absorb ie r ten S t r a h h n g s e n e r g i e in F o r m y o n F luoreszenz l ich t wieder ab. Dabe i du rch I~uf t die F luoreszenzhel l igke i t zuvor v e r d u n k e l t e r Pf lanzente i le nach E inse t zen der Be l i ch tung eine , , I nduk t ionspe r iode" , wSArend der es zu cha(More)
In equation (1), z22 and x0 z are the values of the Debye-Hiackel parameter of solutions 1 and II, sandwiching the membrane, k is the Boltzmann constant and T is the temperature in degrees Kelvin. e is the dielectric constant of the solutions. J~ and Jw are respectively the fluxes of ionic species and water, expressed in moles cm -2 sec -1. r~ is the(More)
Clinical experience has shown that patients with positive patch-tests to certain chemical agents during or after a parenteral therapy with high dosages of iron will produce only a small or negative patch-test to these substances. Several months after the treatment with iron this effect is no longer present. This effect was proved in guinea-pigs, which were(More)