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Part 2 continues the study of optimization techniques for elliptic control problems subject to control and state constraints and is devoted to distributed control. Boundary conditions are of mixed Dirichlet and Neumann type. Necessary conditions of optimality are formally stated in form of a local Pontryagin minimum principle. By introducing suitable(More)
SUMMARY It has been common practice to find controls satisfying only necessary conditions for optimality, and then to use these controls assuming that they are (locally) optimal. However, sufficient conditions need to be used to ascertain that the control rule is optimal. Second order sufficient conditions (SSC) which have recently been derived by Agrachev,(More)
— We study bang–bang control problems that depend on a parameter p. For a fixed nominal parameter p0, it is assumed that the bang-bang control has finitely many switching points and satisfies second order sufficient conditions (SSC). SSC are formulated and checked in terms of an associated finite-dimensional optimization problem w.r.t. the switching points(More)
A mathematical model for the scheduling of angiogenic inhibitors in combination with a chemotherapeutic agent is formulated. Conditions are given that allow tumor eradication under constant infusion therapies. Then the optimal scheduling of a vessel disruptive agent in combination with a cytotoxic drug is considered as an optimal control problem. Both(More)