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Part 2 continues the study of optimization techniques for elliptic control problems subject to control and state constraints and is devoted to distributed control. Boundary conditions are of mixed Dirichlet and Neumann type. Necessary conditions of optimality are formally stated in form of a local Pontryagin minimum principle. By introducing suitable(More)
A numerical method is proposed for constructing an approximation of the Pareto front of nonconvex multi-objective optimal control problems. First, a suitable scalarization technique is employed for the multi-objective optimal control problem. Then by using a grid of scalar-ization parameter values, i.e., a grid of weights, a sequence of single-objective(More)
— A mathematical model for the scheduling of a combination of anti-angiogenic and chemotherapeutic agents is considered as a multi-input optimal control problem. Numerical results that are based on an explicit equation for a singular control confirm as optimal a structure of protocols that administer the anti-angiogenic agent according to the optimal(More)