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Part 2 continues the study of optimization techniques for elliptic control problems subject to control and state constraints and is devoted to distributed control. Boundary conditions are of mixed Dirichlet and Neumann type. Necessary conditions of optimality are formally stated in form of a local Pontryagin minimum principle. By introducing suitable(More)
We study optimal control problems for semilinear elliptic equations subject to control and state inequality constraints. Both boundary control and distributed control problems are considered with boundary conditions of Dirichlet or Neumann type. By introducing suitable discretization schemes, the control problem is transcribed into a nonlinear programming(More)
— We study bang–bang control problems that depend on a parameter p. For a fixed nominal parameter p0, it is assumed that the bang-bang control has finitely many switching points and satisfies second order sufficient conditions (SSC). SSC are formulated and checked in terms of an associated finite-dimensional optimization problem w.r.t. the switching points(More)
  • M Chyba, H Sussmann, H Maurer, G Vossen
  • 2004
— We consider the minimum time problem for a class of underwater vehicles. We focus on the situation of initial and final configurations at rest satisfying x0 = x f , z0 = z f , θ0 = θ f = 0. We supplement our theory with a numerical study of optimal bang–bang and singular solutions and include a discussion on a possible Fuller–like phenomenon.