Helmut Lang

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In todays mixed signal System-on-Chip designs advanced Design-for-Test techniques become more and more important to meet test coverage and quality requirements. However, standard strategies often cannot be used because of design specific requirements like the limitation of available input and output pins. This paper describes the Design-for-Test strategy of(More)
Maintaining and enhancing the willingness of a user to interact with a technical system is crucial for human-computer interaction (HCI). Trust has shown to be an important factor influencing the frequency and kind of usage. In this paper we present our ongoing work on using explanations to maintain the trust relationship between human and computer. We(More)
The initial idea behind the study described in this paper was to assess the perceived socialness of anthropomorphic agents in computer human interaction. In a nuclear power plant simulation scenario users were assisted by an anthropomorphic agent completing several tasks. Afterwards the agent was assessed using questionnaires that were presented in three(More)