Helmut Länger

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For given set X of cardinality four, concluded Hue, Saturation and Value in the HSV color space and Mean, respectively, one has determined the table of hyperoperations of Semi-join spaces associated with upper and lower approximation operators of a fuzzy approximation space (XmR), where R is a T -similarity relation on X and T is a continuous triangular(More)
We have constructed models of how homologous chromosomes come together at meiotic prophase for pairing and recombination. For these models we have calculated how many homology testing events are necessary on average to ensure that each chromosome finds its respective partner. We have identified several conditions that would greatly reduce the effort spent(More)
Abstracting from certain properties of the implication operation in Boolean algebras leads to so-called orthomodular implication algebras. These are in a natural one-to-one correspondence with families of orthomodular lattices. It is proved that congruence kernels of orthomodular implication algebras are in a natural one-to-one correspondence with families(More)
Motivated by cryptography, permutations induced by polynomial functions on finite lattices L = (L,∨,∧,∗ ) with an antitone involution ∗ are investigated. These permutations together with the operation of composition form a subgroup of the symmetric group on L. We describe the structure of this subgroup for different classes of lattices L and indicate(More)