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The basic magnetic resonance (MR) imaging pattern of normal and degenerated hyaline articular cartilage was studied in vitro in 40 fresh bovine patellae. With the use of an ample spectrum of strongly T1- to T2-weighted sequences, two zones of cartilage with different signal intensities were observed in all specimens. A superficial cartilaginous layer in the(More)
Whereas transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a well established method for the analysis of thin film structures down to the sub-nanometer scale, atom probe tomography (APT) is less known in the microscopy community. In the present work, local chemical analysis of sputtered Fe/Cr multilayer structures was performed with energy-filtering transmission(More)
In this study the technique of energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy was applied to localize cyanophycin (CGP) in recombinant strains of Ralstonia eutropha. Since CGP is a polymer consisting of the amino acids aspartate and arginine, which functions as a temporary nitrogen reserve that is deposited as insoluble inclusions in the cytoplasm of the(More)
1856 used by the communists. These sentiments were magnified, rather than quieted, when the IPPNW received the Nobel Peace Prize. The Wall Street Journal published an editorial titled " The Nobel Peace Fraud, " which began, " The Nobel Peace Prize hit a new low. " The New York Daily News headline was " Soviet Propaganda Wins the Prize. " The San Di-ego(More)
In this study, we assess the potential for policy change of the German government of Helmut Kohl after unification combining party positions with formal bicameral settings in a spatial model of legislative action. We distinguish between two policy areas and two types of legislation, mandatory and non-mandatory legislation imposing either a symmetric or(More)
Because of its high spatial resolution, energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) has become widely used for the analysis of the chemical composition of nanostructures. To obtain the best spatial resolution, the precise correction of instrumental influences and the optimization of the data acquisition procedure are very important. In this(More)
ABSTRACf Power in American and German multi-chamber legislation is determined either by an inter-institutional or an internal coalition problem of all inter-linked chambers. Hence, the complexity of multi-chamber systems relies on different subgames, different types of decision rules and different types of actors. Since collective actors such as parliaments(More)
Growth of nanocrystals precipitated in glasses with specific compositions can be effectively limited by diffusion barriers forming around crystallites. For the first time, we do experimentally prove this concept of self-limited growth on the nanoscale for a SiO(2)/Al(2)O(3)/Na(2)O/K(2)O/BaF(2) glass in which BaF(2) nanocrystals are formed. As shown by(More)
Differential phase contrast is a contrast mechanism that can be utilized in the scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) to determine the distribution of magnetic or electric fields. In practice, several different detector geometries can be used to obtain differential phase contrast. As recent high resolution differential phase contrast experiments(More)