Helmut K. Anheier

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Despite a growing interest in volunteering at national and international levels, few studies have explored comparative aspects of voluntary activities. To remedy this situation, this paper looks at the cultural differences in defining volunteering in relation to paid work on the one hand, and compulsory work on the other. Against this background, the paper(More)
PREFACE This is one in a series of Working Papers produced by the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project, a collaborative effort by scholars in over twenty countries to understand the scope, structure, and role of the nonprofit sector using a common framework and approach. The Working Papers provide a vehicle for the initial dissemination of the(More)
In recent years, the third or voluntary sector has become more important for ‘Europe’, as indicated by the 1997 Communication of the European Commission and various Declarations attached to the EU Treaties. These official statements not only suggest greater political interest in the third sector, they also seem to indicate that the European Union is taking(More)
The relationship between interpersonal trust and membership in voluntary associations is a persistent research finding in sociology. What is more, the notion of trust has become a central issue in current social science theorizing covering such diverse approaches as transaction costs economics or cognitive sociology. In different ways and for different(More)
This paper examines two competing views that have been put forward about the East German third sector. One view sees the third sector in East Germany as an expression of civil society, rooted in an emerging democratic culture, and based on a broadening social participation. According to the other view, the East German third sector is largely an extension of(More)