Helmut Jungermann

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One way to communicate about the risks of drugs is through the use of package inserts. The problems associated with this medium of informing patients have been investigated by several researchers who found that people require information about drugs they are using, including extensive risk information, and that they are willing to take this information into(More)
In der Diskussion um den vorsorgenden Gesundheitsschutz bei Mobilfunktelefonen ist die spezifische Absorptionsrate (SAR-Wert) ein wichtiges Thema. In einer experimentellen Studie wurde untersucht, welche Wirkung die Information über verschiedene SAR-Werte (unterhalb des geltenden Teilkörpergrenzwerts von 2 W/kg) auf die Bewertung der Sicherheit von(More)
The specific absorption rate (SAR) is a prominent topic in the discussion about precautionary health protection. An experimental study investigated the effect of information about various SAR values (below the existing partial body limit value of 2 W/kg) on safety judgments of potential mobile phones users. It turns out that about 94% of the participants do(More)
Biotechnology is an environmental issue that can be evaluated with regard to the impact of the technology "as such" or with regard to specific products. We assume that the concreteness of presentations of biotechnology has an influence on evaluations of risks and benefits. We conducted two experimental studies. In Study 1, 99 subjects evaluated the strength(More)
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