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In the present communication the beneficial effect of long term antimicrobial treatment with poorly absorbable antiboitics on the survival of allogeneic bone marrow chimeras was investigated. The combination of C57B1 mice as bone marrow donors and CBA/CA mice as irradiated recipients (800 rad) was used because of their strong histoincompatibility on the H-2(More)
Fully H-2-incompatible chimeric mice were constructed by grafting lethally (950 rad) irradiated germ-free (GF) CBA (H2k) mice with anti-Thy 1 antibody plus complement-treated allogeneic C57Bl/6 (B6) (H2b) bone marrow cells. These chimeric mice were kept for more than 11 months, either under GF conditions or under barrier-sustained specific-pathogen-free(More)
Progenitor cells of in vitro colonies of granulocytes and/or macrophages (CFU-s'c) constitute a functionally heterogeneous population reflected by differences in their bouyant density. The interrelationship of density subpopulations of murine (CFU-c, obtained by isopycnic centrifugatiuon of bone marrow cells in continuous albumin density gradients, was(More)
  • Helmut Heit
  • Studies in history and philosophy of science
  • 2016
This paper argues that essential features of Feyerabend's philosophy, namely his radicalization of critical rationalism and his turn to relativism, could be understood better in the light of his engagement with early Greek thought. In contrast to his earlier, Popperian views he came to see the Homeric worldview as a genuine alternative, which was not(More)
Granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming cells (CFUc), in the bone marrow of germfree and conventioal CBA mice, were compared quantitatively and qualitatively. Cells were separated on the basis of their buoyant density by equilibrium centrifugation in continuous albumin density gradients. CFUc in the density subpopulations were detected by culture in agar(More)
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