Helmut Dohmann

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The implementation of distributed applications can be based on a multiplicity of technologies, e.g. plain sockets, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Java Message Service (JMS), .NET Remoting, or Web Services. These technologies differ widely in complexity , interoperability, standardization, and ease of use. To achieve the highest(More)
—The adoption of service-oriented architectures based on web services in industrial automation promises increased interoperability and flexibility. However, industrial automation requires real-time processing, i.e. a task has to be processed within a specific deadline, which is a large obstacle for utilizing web services in this domain. The Time-Constrained(More)
Web services are supported by almost all major software vendors, but nevertheless there is still a certain barrier that prevents a broader user community to actually use them. The barrier is the lack of appropriate clients offered in conjunction with the services. This paper presents a Web Service Browser that automatically generates a dynamic user(More)
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