Helmut Degen

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The different husbandry systems for raising pheasants are introduced and discussed. In particular, size and shaping of aviaries are described. Some remarks are made on the critical points, e.g. individual space, stocking density, planting of aviaries, and feeding of animals. Special emphasis is put on the problem of feather picking, which may lead to a(More)
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In industrial projects, commonly a large number of work products needs to be created and managed. Explicitly documented models of the artifacts under development may assist in planning the structure of work products and defining the processes used for requirements development and management. In our experience, however, industrial organizations often do not(More)
The vast amount of information available through the Web has made it difficult to retrieve information relevant to a specific task. To help ensure that users' interactions with a system are successful, preparation of content and its presentation to users must take into account (a) what information needs to be extracted, (b) the way in which this information(More)