Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri

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Discrimination of tree species with different ages is performed in three classifications using hyperspectral data. The first classification is between Broadleaves and pines; the second classification is between Broadleaves, Corsican Pines, and Scots Pines, and the third classification is between six tree species including different ages of Corsican and(More)
Halabja city in Iraq has faced drastic landscape change since the IraqIran war, especially when this city and the surrounding areas were attacked with chemical bombs in 1988. This paper illustrates the results of land use/cover change in Halabja obtained by using multi-temporal remotely sensed data from 1986 to 1990. The support vector machine supervised(More)
The process of land use change and urban sprawl has been considered as a prominent characteristic of urban development. This study aims to investigate urban growth process in Bandar Abbas city, Iran, focusing on urban sprawl and land use change during 1956-2012. To calculate urban sprawl and land use changes, aerial photos and satellite images are utilized(More)
Wetlands are regarded as one of the most important ecosystems on Earth due to various ecosystem services provided by them such as habitats for biodiversity, water purification, sequestration, and flood attenuation. The Al Hawizeh wetland in the Iran-Iraq border was selected as a study area to evaluate the changes. Maximum likelihood classification was used(More)
In remote sensing, shadow causes problems in many applications such as change detection and classification. It is caused by objects which are elevated, thus can directly affect the accuracy of information. For these reasons, it is very important to detect shadows particularly in urban high spatial resolution imagery which created a significant problem. This(More)
Various classification methods have been applied for low resolution of the entire Earth's surface from recorded satellite images, but insufficient study has determined which method, for which satellite data, is economically viable for tropical forest land use mapping. This study employed Iterative Self Organizing Data Analysis Techniques (ISODATA) and(More)
Density is an important parameter to determine the strength of road, and it will ensure the safety of the use as well as maintaining the quality of road pavement. In this paper, the validation of GPR mixture model based on the microwave nondestructive free space method to determine the density of road pavement typed Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) will be presented.(More)
Detection and mapping the impervious surface accurately is one of the important tasks in urban remote sensing. In this study, airborne hyperspectral data and Worldview-2 image were used to classify urban area .The main goal of this study are to compare the hyperspectral data and worldview 2 images and shows the potential of worldview 2 images for detection(More)
One of the most important tasks in urban remote sensing is the detection of impervious surfaces (IS), such as roofs and roads. However, detection of IS in heterogeneous areas still remains one of the most challenging tasks. In this study, detection of concrete roof using an object-based approach was proposed. A new rule-based classification was developed to(More)