Helman Stern

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There are many studies that use color space models (CSM) for detection of faces in an image. Most researchers a priori select a given CSM, and proceed to use the selected model for color segmentation of the face by constructing a color distribution model(CDM). There is limited work on finding the overall best CSM. We develop a procedure to adaptively change(More)
In this work, we address the issue of reconfigurability of a hand-gesture recognition system. The calibration or setup of the operational parameters of such a system is a time-consuming effort, usually performed by trial and error, and often causing system performance to suffer because of designer impatience. In this work, we suggest a methodology using a(More)
A need exists for intuitive hand gesture machine interaction in which the machine not only recognizes gestures, but also the human feels comfortable and natural in their execution. The gesture vocabulary design problem is rigorously formulated as a multi-objective optimization problem. Psycho-physiological measures (intuitiveness, comfort) and gesture(More)
In this paper, we consider a vision-based system that can interpret a user’s gestures in real time to manipulate objects within a medical data visualization environment. Dynamic navigation gestures are translated to commands based on their relative positions on the screen. Static gesture poses are identified to execute non-directional commands. This is(More)