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To better understand the relevance of tunica vaginalis mesotheliomas (TVM) to human cancer risk, we examined the nature of TVM responses in 21 published rat cancer bioassays against the backdrop of the biology and molecular biology of mesothelium, and of spontaneous and treatment-induced TVM. Although relatively rare in all species including humans, TVM are(More)
We present a ubiquitous computing environment that consists of the Hello.Wall in combination with ViewPorts. Hello.Wall is a new wall-sized ambient display [4,2] that emits information via light patterns and is considered informative art. As an integral part of the physical environment, Hello.Wall constitutes a seeding element of a social architectural(More)
Two benzodiazepine compounds, midazolam and diazepam, were administered as adjunctive treatment to soman-exposed rhesus monkeys to evaluate their effects on acute soman intoxication. Monkeys were pretreated orally with pyridostigmine, exposed to soman, and treated i.m. with atropine, pralidoxime chloride (2-PAM), and with midazolam, diazepam or sterile(More)
  • Wöhr M, Orduz D, Gregory P Moreno, H Khan, Vörckel Kj, Wolfer Dp +56 others
  • 2015
Lack of parvalbumin in mice leads to behavioral deficits relevant to all human autism core symptoms and related neural morphofunctional abnormalities. Toward an autonomous brain machine interface: integrating sensorimotor reward modulation and reinforcement learning. A novel, live-attenuated vesicular stomatitis virus vector displaying conformationally(More)
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