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A Kokotsakis mesh is a polyhedral structure consisting of an n-sided central polygon P 0 surrounded by a belt of polygons in the following way: Each side a i of P 0 is shared by an adjacent polygon P i , and the relative motion between cyclically consecutive neighbor polygons is a spherical coupler motion. Hence, each vertex of P 0 is the meeting point of(More)
According to the planar version of Ivory's Theorem the family of confocal conics has the property that in each quadrangle formed by two pairs of conics the diagonals are of equal length. It turned out that this theorem is closely related to self-adjoint affine transformations. This point of view is capable of generalization to hyperbolic and other spaces.
The contact areas between the articular surfaces of the talus and tibia are essential for understanding the mobility of the ankle joint. The purpose of our study was to reveal the contact area among the superior articular surface of the trochlea tali (target surface T) and the inferior articular surface of the tibia (query surface Q) under(More)
More than hundred years ago R. Bricard determined all continuously ex-ible octahedra. On the other hand, also the geometric characterization of rst-order exible octahedra has been well known for a long time. The objective of this paper is to analyze the cases between, i.e., octahedra which are innnitesimally exible of order n > 1 but not continuously(More)