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Kinetic analysis and integrated systems modeling have contributed substantially to our understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of metabolic systems and the distribution and clearance of drugs in humans and animals. In recent years, many researchers have become aware of the usefulness of these techniques in the experimental design. With this has(More)
This paper presents a detailed comparison of the kinetic analysis software packages SAAM II and PCNonlin/WinNonlin, based on benchmark modeling problems reported in "Pharmacokinetic andPharmacodynamic Data Analysis: Concepts and Applications" (Gabrielsson and Weiner, 1994) and seven additional models. For each model, both software packages were presented(More)
The University of Washington has supported a dedicated computer facility for its graduate program in Computer Science since 1969; this facility is separated from the central University Computer Center. We have accumulated a reasonable amount of experience in using this laboratory for research and teaching. It is the purpose of this paper to describe our(More)
This first issue of the FIB may be considered a "trial balloon" as to its contents. While it does not contain a large amount of information, I have tried to gather a number of items which I feel might be of interest to you, the readers. I hope to get some feed- back about the material in this first issue, particularly with regard to desirable and(More)
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