Hellfried Schneider

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The present study treats the calculation of the continuous phase of a multiphase flow, i.e. the numerical solution of the equations for a turbulent incompressible flow. An existing SIMPLE based Single–Grid algorithm is improved applying the Multi–Grid Method. Numerical experiments for two test cases with up to 3 174 400 finite volumes show the features of(More)
The parallelization of the solution algorithm for the set of continuity, Navier–Stokes and turbulence model equations is carried out by parallelization in space, that means by application of the domain decomposition or grid partitioning method. Using a block-structured grid the flow domain is partitioned in a number of subdomains. Usually the number of grid(More)
Three methods for applying the FM algorithm to censored data are considered, the Buckley-James (1979), a proposed simpler nonparametric method and a normal model for censored data. A new estimator for the variance of y in the Buckley-.James model is proposed and simulations comparing the three methods are descrihcd. To illustrate the use of these methods(More)
Multiparameter flow cytometric measurements are of growing interest in the study of complex features of biological cells. With state of the art instrumentation, three-parameter (3-P) data handling is relatively complicated and time consuming and the display methods are not satisfactory. As an alternative, an interactive 3-P analyzing module, Cytomic 123 is(More)
The instrument described is capable of storing up to 112 one parameter histograms (128 channels) or 16 one parameter and 3 two parameter histograms (64 X 64 channels). A low cost 10 Mhz oscilloscope displays the graphical and alphanumerical data. During data acquisition, the original pulses, an analogue rate meter and the growing histogram are displayed(More)
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