Hellen Lopez

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The most effective approaches for evolutionary identifying dynamical processes depend on iterative trial-error searches in a hierarchical fashion: a new structure is proposed first; then, its set of parameters is numerically determined, and the process is repeated until a model accurate enough is found. Canonical Genetic Programming has been used to(More)
This paper proposes a method for the design of a dynamic path planner which utilizes fuzzy logic for navigation of mobile robots in uncertain environments. The method consists in identifying a dynamical system, with a fuzzy logic controller structure, from the examples generated by an \expert". The generator of examples will be a search algorithm on a known(More)
In this paper, I survey general computer vision techniques and their applicability to the space of real-time humanoid robotic systems. Specifically, I begin to construct a system which can identify and locate objects of interest at the standard 30 FPS of a constant video stream within a constrained power budget. This is done in academic code first, using a(More)
* CESPA G.R, Technical Department, Av. Catedral 6-8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. E-mail:{teresa.vives, e.gonzalez, e.jimenez, m.elorduy}@cespa.es **LEQUIA-UdG, Institute of Environment, University of Girona, Campus Montilivi s/n, 17071-Girona, Catalonia, Spain. E-mail: {J.Colprim, helio, ramon, mael, marilos}@lequia.udg.cat *** Laboratory of Molecular Microbial(More)
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