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The sporicidal and fungicidal activity of disinfectants was studied in a suspension test. Glutaraldehyde 4%, sodium-dichloroisocyanurate-dihydrate (2400 ppm active chlorine) and peracetic acid 0.25% demonstrated after 30 min of exposure at 20 degrees C in the presence of 4% horse serum a clear activity against spores of Bacillus cereus. Under the same(More)
The activity of disinfectants with regard to spores of Bacillus anthracis was determined in a suspension test. Creoline (10%) and also several other disinfectants for veterinary use showed no activity against spores of B. anthracis. Natriumdichloorisocyanuraat-dihydrate (2400 ppm active chlorine) and peracetic acid 0,25% demonstrated after 30 minutes of(More)
The registration, licensing and investigation of veterinary vaccines are discussed with reference to the producer, the user and the authorities. The significance of basic research by the producer, of testing by the authorities, of quality control and of evaluation (laboratory and field studies) in the control of animal diseases are examined more closely.(More)
In 1970-1972 a great number of mink died of a meningo-encephalitis in the Netherlands. The results of the detailed microbiological and histopathological examination pointed to infection by NCD virus as the cause of the mortality. During the isolation of the NCD virus in embryonated hen eggs the haemagglutinating properties were extremely weak and(More)
The potato lipase, patatin, has long been thought of as essentially inactive towards triacylglycerols. Recently, technology has been developed to isolate potato proteins in native form as food ingredients at industrial scale. Characterisation of native patatin obtained in this way revealed that this enzyme activity towards triacylglycerols has been(More)
The method of graphical genotyping is applied to a panel of tetraploid potato cultivars to visualize haplotype sharing. The method allowed to map genes involved in virus and nematode resistance. The physical coordinates of the amount of linkage drag surrounding these genes are easily interpretable. Graphical genotyping is a visually attractive and easily(More)