Helle Nygaard Lærke

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BACKGROUND Epidemiological studies show inverse relationship between intake of wholegrain cereals and several chronic diseases. Components and mechanisms behind possible protective effects of wholegrain cereals are poorly understood. OBJECTIVE To characterise commercial rye bran preparations, compared to wheat bran, regarding structure and content of(More)
The effects of a high level of dietary fibre (DF) either as arabinoxylan (AX) or resistant starch (RS) on digestion processes, SCFA concentration and pool size in various intestinal segments and on the microbial composition in the faeces were studied in a model experiment with pigs. A total of thirty female pigs (body weight 63.1 (sem 4.4) kg) were fed a(More)
The effects of increased colonic fermentation of dietary fibres (DF) on the net portal flux (NPF) of carbohydrate-derived metabolites (glucose, SCFA and, especially, butyrate), hormones (insulin, C-peptide, glucagon-like peptide 1 and glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide) and NEFA were studied in a healthy catheterised pig model. A total of six pigs(More)
Different extraction, purification and digestion methods were used to investigate the molecular properties of carbohydrates in arabinoxylan and β-glucan concentrates, dietary fiber (DF) rich breads and ileum content of bread fed pigs. The breads studied were: a low DF wheat bread (WF), whole meal rye bread (GR), rye bread with kernels (RK), wheat bread(More)
Gelatinized wheat, potato and waxy maize starches were treated enzymatically in order to increase the degree of branching of the amylopectin fraction and thereby change the starch degradation profile towards a higher proportion of slowly digestible starch (SDS). The materials were characterized by single-pulse (1)H HR-MAS NMR spectroscopy and in vitro(More)
Triglycerides are absorbed by the lymphatic system and have various functions in the body. It has been shown that some types of β-glucans have a positive effect on the systemic concentrations of cholesterol and lipid, presumably through interference with the absorption of lipid and/or reabsorption of bile acids. In the current study we investigated the(More)
A liquid chromatography-MS (LC-MS) metabolomics analysis of plasma from portal-arterial catheterised pigs fed breads prepared with whole-grain rye or wheat flour with added concentrated arabinoxylan (AX) or β-glucan (BG) was conducted. Comparison of the effects of concentrated fibres with whole grains has received little attention. Six female catheterised(More)
The authors wish to change the description of preparation of samples at Experimental Section on their paper published in IJMS [1]. The gelatinization of samples for branching enzyme treatment was not processed by jet cooking at pH 6.1 and 140 °C with a holding time of 5–7 min, but by the adjustment of pH to 6.1 at room temperature, heated to 75 °C, adjusted(More)
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