Helle Mathiasen

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Urinary acidification ability, acid-base status and urinary excretion of calcium and citrate were evaluated in 10 women with bilateral medullary sponge kidney (MSK) and in 10 healthy women. Patients with MSK had higher fasting urine pH compared to normal controls (p < 0.01). Four patients had incomplete renal tubular acidiosis (iRTA), 3 had hypercalciuria,(More)
In the County of Fyn, Denmark, which is a well-delimited region comprising a 10% representative sample of the total population, ten complete one year cohorts of newborn were scrutinized for neural tube defects (NTD). Among 66,000 births, 71 cases with NTD were observed. The total prevalence at birth was 1.08/1,000; 0.29 for anencephaly; 0.20 for(More)
Empathy and sympathy fit perfectly with medical practice, but reflection and research demonstrate a lack of consistency in the use and definition of empathy as well as the multitudinous definitions of sympathy. A short excursion into contemporary literary works reveals diverse opinions about the clinical usefulness of empathy and sympathy.