Helle Krogh

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Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are widespread environmental contaminants that are also present in human tissues and breast milk. Behavioural disturbances have been reported in both children and animals exposed perinatally to PCBs. The present study assessed the behavioural consequences in female rats of postnatal exposure to the di-ortho-substituted(More)
  • Helle Krogh
  • Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing
  • 1978
A miniature probe coil has been constructed for use in conjunction with conventional laboratory equipment, with a sensitivity of 142 A/m/V, and a linear range from 0·3×10−3 to 1·7 A/m. The error margin of the probe has been estimated. Measurements with the probe have been undertaken to determine the distribution of the magnetic stray field from an(More)
The aim of this investigation was to monitor fluctuations in middle ear pressure, to study tympanometric signs of Eustachian tube functioning and to assess the validity of the tympanometric readings. In 20 patients with a low initial middle ear pressure (-150 daPa or lower) and 5 normals, impedance tympanometry was performed every 3 min through 7 h. Median(More)
I. Maiken Arendrup, Thomas Horn, Niels Frimodt-Møller. In vivo pathogenicity of eight medically relevant Candida species in an animal model. Infection. 2002, 30:286-291. (Ref. (1)) II. Maiken Arendrup, Bettina Lundgren, Irene Møller Jensen, Bo Sønder Hansen, Niels Frimodt-Møller. Comparison of two commercial diffusion tests Etest and disc diffusion test,(More)
Factors, both acoustic and non-acoustic, which may influence the Most Comfortable Loudness Level, the Uncomfortable Loudness Level, the Acoustic Reflex Threshold and the Threshold of Overload are reviewed. A direct experimental comparison of these measures was made with respect to their absolute values and the between- and within-subject variances. The Most(More)
The auditory evoked potential was used to assess the effect of alcohol intoxication (1 g/kg) and pyrithioxine (7 mg/kg) on 9 adult subjects. Its components in the latency range 50--250 msec (N1--P2) were studied for 6 g 30 min, during a constant level of alertness. Four periods were considered: alcohol alone, alcohol plus pyrithioxine, pyrithioxine plus(More)