Hella P Vogt

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OBJECTIVE To assess a possible difference in the short- and long-term outcome between infants born from a delayed-interval delivery. STUDY DESIGN We included all neonates that were either born between November 1991 and December 2000 from a delayed-interval delivery in the Isala Clinics, Zwolle, The Netherlands, or admitted to our clinic after birth.(More)
18 patients without stomatognathic symptoms were examined by three psychological tests (Foto-Hand test, Freiburg personal inventory, and Giessen Test). Aggression had had the strongest effect upon masticatory muscles. Various other effects were studied, like ECG, respiration, pulse, tremor, skin resistance, masseter, biceps and triceps. Because of the(More)
The risk of infection associated with Caesarean section is several times greater than normal parturition. The only way to effectively combat nosocomial infections is to ensure harmonious and well-balanced interplay between general antimicrobial measures at all levels (i.e., hospital hygiene), even though the rate of Caesarean sections has been on the(More)
Every physician taking care of pregnant women believes to be well acquainted with the state-of-the-art requirements. However, changes imposed by the new Swiss health insurance legislation (KVG) and by the pressure of Evidence Based Medicine brought these into a new scope. In Switzerland there is no general agreement on optimal pregnancy-care. We propose a(More)
Basing on our experience with 39 patients with severe urge incontinence (in one-quarter of the cases pure urge incontinence, in one-half of the cases mixed incontinence and in a further quarter of the cases neurogenic bladder disorders) a supervised programme (mictiogram) and a well-tried therapy (especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries) consisting of the(More)
In 83% of cases the tumour could be correctly staged by intravesical sonography. Computed tomography gave a correct staging in 80%. By a combination of both methods the depths of tumour infiltration could be established exactly in 90%. Both methods are supplementary since the lower stages are better assessable by intravesical ultrasonic tomography whereas(More)