Helio Maximiano de Magalhães

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INTRODUCTION Patients with heart failure frequently develop renal failure, which increases the mortality rate among patients undergoing cardiac transplantation. PURPOSE To determine whether preoperative renal function influenced postoperative mortality in cardiac transplantation recipients. MATERIALS AND METHODS The measurements of plasma urea, plasma(More)
Butia capitata, an endemic palm of the Brazilian savanna threatened by deforestation, demonstrates low germinability due to seed dormancy. The present study characterizes the structure of the zygotic embryo and describes germination and seedling development. Pyrenes were sown into sandy soil substrates to germinate, and their embryos were also cultivated in(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical trials have demonstrated the benefits of ACE inhibitors (ACEI) in the neurohormonal activity and in the functional capacity of patients with heart failure (HF), and also that these effects are dose dependent. However, since elderly individuals have been systematically excluded from the majority of these studies, the validation and(More)
BACKGROUND It is advisable that the intensity of the exercises for rehabilitation of patients with coronary artery disease does not cause myocardial ischemia. OBJECTIVE Compare the capacity of myocardial tomographic scintigraphy with the electrocardiogram capacity in ischemia detection during rehabilitation session. METHODS Twenty six patients with(More)
PURPOSE To assess infective endocarditis (IE) predisposing factors, etiologic agents and hospital course in infants and adolescents. METHODS We Studied 222 patients admitted under compatible IE diagnosis, from 1985 to 1990. The population of this study is fifty patients (23%) under 16 years of age. RESULTS Rheumatic valvular disease, as predisposing(More)