Helin Yang

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We present a detailed study on the artificial negative index refraction behavior of the composite metamaterial consisting of high-permittivity dielectric rings. The rings array in cubic lattice arrangement can exhibit an negative magnetism when excited into magnetic dipole resonance. Full-wave simulations show that the bulk metamaterial with this structure(More)
Metamaterials have recently enabled coupling induced transparency due to interference effects in coupled subwavelength resonators. In this work, we present a three dimensional (3-D) metamaterial design with six-fold rotational symmetry that shows electromagnetically induced transparency with a strong polarization dependence to the incident electromagnetic(More)
In this letter, we propose the simulation, design and fabrication of the microstip quad-band bandstop filter (QBBSF) with Square Spiral Resonators (SSR). The basic cell of the structure consists of a folded stepped impedance microstrip transmission line. The center frequency of the filter is 1.12 GHz, 3.61 GHz, 6.20 GHz and 9.81GHz with the bandwidth of(More)
We demonstrate the design, measurement, retrieval effective parameters and calculations of an ultra-broad band metamaterial absorber (MMA), in which the metallic resonant structures including the inserted chip resisters and the substrate are equivalent to a homogeneous and isotropic effective medium. The effective electromagnetic (EM) parameters are(More)
We investigate the absorption properties of a curved metamaterial absorber (CMA) in microwave. The simulation results show that the CMA could be used with better performance than the traditional planar metamaterial absorber (PMA) with the same physical parameters in exciting more perfect absorption peaks. Moreover, the absorption properties are related to(More)
A complex conjugate pole-residue pair model has been developed and is presented for use in finite-difference time domain simulation of graphene based photonic and plasmonic devices, The updating scheme is quite simple, the parameters can be easily obtained through a vector fitting process. The resulting model can provides an accurate spectral representation(More)
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