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Changes in the manubrio-sternal articulation (MSA) were examined radiologically in 87 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and in a control group comprised of 23 patients with osteoarthritis and 72 subjects without joint disease. Erosions, reactive sclerosis and ankylosis were encountered in 70% of the rheumatoid arthritis group and in 27% of controls. There(More)
BACKGROUND The role of an episode of acute kidney injury (AKI) in long-term mortality among initial survivors of critical illness is controversial. We aimed to determine whether AKI is independently associated with decreased survival at 3 years among 30-day survivors of intensive care. RESULTS We included 2336 30-day survivors of intensive care enrolled(More)
We analyzed the fibrinolytic system in patients with chronic low back pain using a venous occlusion test to stimulate fibrinolysis, and we subsequently determined the levels of tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) and fast-acting inhibitor of TPA (PAI). There were 20 patients with a mean age of 50 years. Two thirds had radiographically spinal stenosis. Scar(More)
High-power CO2 lasers are used extensively in various industrial applications. In most cases they form part of open-beam equipment and have a power of several kilowatts, and are thus designated as Safety Class 4 systems. In addition to the invisible i.r. laser beam (10.6 microns), u.v. radiation and visible light may be emitted. In the present work a power(More)