Heli Hamalainen

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Real-time RT-PCR method was exploited to identify endogenous reference genes in differentiating human T helper cells. When using this technology in our experimental system, finding a set of genes whose mRNA expression levels would not change appeared to be very challenging. Our initial plan to use the expression level of GAPDH in normalizing the results(More)
The development and activation of CD4+ helper T cell (Th) subsets with distinct patterns of unbalanced production of cytokines play an important part in infectious, allergic and autoimmune diseases. Human neonatal cord blood CD4+ Th cells can be polarized into type 1 or type 2-like effector cells in vitro by culturing them in the presence of interleukin(More)
We have studied the expression of a human homologue of mafB (maf-1), a member of the family of large maf transcription factors. In support of the suggested key role that mafB expression plays in differentiating macrophages, we found mafB to be expressed at a very high level in monocytic U937 and THP-1 cell lines. However, we show here that mafB(More)
We have used a real-time quantitative RT-PCR technique (TaqMan, PE Biosystems) to identify genes that are differentially expressed by human polarised CD4(+) T cell subsets (Th1 or Th2). The goal was to test the feasibility of the detection method in profiling the expression of a set of marker genes important for Th1 and Th2 differentiation. We demonstrate(More)
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